"Designed to be different" is how Smith DCC likes to think of itself. A General Contractor, yes! A full-service Design/Build firm, yes again!  The company was created with an idea in mind to provide an unrivaled commitment to our clients' needs. When the senior management created the corporation, it was through the merger of two successful companies. Each company was successful and had fulfilled the needs of clients in many different facets of construction. However, the two companies were really only known for one key service. The core values at Smith DCC are based on meeting our client’s needs, consistently, and with an execution of the quality they deserve.


Value – The value we provide to our customers comes from the team we have in place. We have built a team with all the right members to provide an experience that meets each of our clients needs. For us the challenges of construction is not unique in concept, but are uniquely applied for each job. Commercial or Residential, we have applied our expertise to your problems with a successful outcome.

Service – Building of our team in place our clients have relied on the team at Smith DCC for our service. Timely, accurate, and experienced we meet the needs of each of our clients.

Growth – We have lofty goals and this is the driving force behind our company. As our clients change and develop needs, they need to rely upon Smith DCC for each of their changing needs. Over the years, we have adapted our unique management team to grow with the changing market conditions, client needs, and the techniques of construction to allow us to stay ahead of the curve.

Relationships – Relationships are a key part to Smith DCC. These relationships may be with clients, who we greatly value. Subcontractors who we hand select for each project and task. Sub-Contractors are an extension of the brand of Smith Development and Construction and we respect and value them. Subcontractors can rely on us for quick pay, something we have a strong reputation of. We build our value, services, and growth from these relationships.