We understand the difficulty when choosing a general contractor. We make an effort in every possible way to ease the minds of our clients when choosing Smith DCC. While there are many aspects of our company that set us apart, the fundamentals are the most important.

For clients, our comprehensive approach to construction projects has offered our clients a competitive advantage.  In other words, we can complete projects for less money than our competitors.

We do this through a unique collaboration between our own ability to self-perform construction trades while we minimize external expenses.  Subcontractors are a valuable asset to Smith DCC.  While we have worked with subcontractors over the years, our control and consistent growth has led us to bring the majority of trades in house. It goes without saying that when other general contractors have to subcontract trades out they will be more expensive, and have less control on the schedule, quality and outcome.

Detailed Bidding and Estimates − Smith Development & Construction Company has established a reputation with our clients for our detailed, almost forensic like estimating. While other contractors are barely scratching the surface, we are advising with detail of conflicts, questions, and ways to resolve or save costs.

Design − As with any project, it all starts with an idea. Then what… Smith DCC has you covered. Many clients know they need something done, but they have no idea on the budget or product specifications. Our turnkey design/build approach allows us to quickly produce those very key conceptual drawings that are more than concepts. We work closely with our clients to bring their napkin sketch to reality. This goes beyond construction documents. Prior to construction, we can ask better questions by providing accurate drawings. The bidding process becomes a process of evidence rather than concept. Competitive bidding truly becomes competitive when we provide clients with something to compare with other contractors.

Field Supervisors − It is not often in the construction industry you hear clients asking for superintendents by name. For us, it is common and we are proud to have these key individuals as a part of our team. Together, they help to serve our clients needs. We are confident to say our superintendents are some of the best in the business.

Safety − Safety has evolved from a problem, to a distraction, to a culture for us. Implemented in the field on each of our jobs, the benefits of safety are far too often over looked. Clients and us alike benefit from a safe job site in many ways, a simple explanation of the benefits is appearance. Our job sites remain well kept compared to our competition; cleanliness keeps the debris at a minimal and this means less hazard and higher production.  While there is a cost to being safe, there is a larger cost to not being safe. We stress to our employees and subcontractors on each of our projects that we want “people to leave as they came.” Injury Free is achievable.