Smith Development & Construction Company was formed through the merger of two thirty-year old companies. In the 1982, Smith DCC Chairman Ronald D. Smith started Mister Construction and quickly became well known in the Sacramento marketplace.  By this time, Michael A. Hegseth, now Chief of Operations at Smith DCC had been in business for a number of years operating a commercial and residential development company. As history goes, neither Ronald nor Michael knew what the future would bring.

In the early 2000s Dustin Smith, son of Ronald Smith, was introduced to Hegseth through a friend in the building industry. By this time, Ronald had retired from the construction industry and Dustin was heading down his own path, following in his father's steps, but with a different goal in mind. After taking a position as project manager for Hegseth Development, Dustin realized the reputations and experiences of the Hegseth name. Hegseth Development had built a reputation as the finest custom homebuilder in all of Sacramento. While custom homes were not all that Hegseth Development completed, it was during these years and the years after working for Hegseth that Dustin had realized his abilities and set his sights on something much bigger.

In 2007, Dustin left Hegseth to run his family's 1242 acre development project. Taking the history and experience of his father and what he learned through his years of building and managing, Dustin set out to build Sacramento’s best full-service general contracting company.

In November of 2011, Smith Development and Construction Company was created; Michael Hegseth and Dustin Smith had merged Mister Construction and Hegseth Development. Throughout the years the management of Smith DCC had seen the affects of the construction and development industry and had personally felt the negative effects when a good market condition turns bad.  The company vision, a product of Dustin, is refined and coached through the experiences of both Ronald and Michael.

Today, Smith Development & Construction Company has set out to offer clients a competitive advantage through some very precisely calculated methods. Together the management of Smith DCC has set some precise control measures:

•  In-House Design
•  Self-Performed Trades
•  Forensic Estimating
•  Very Tightly Controlled Finances and Management

Collectively, the staff and management at Smith DCC has managed, constructed, or designed projects of different calibers.  Their experience and knowledge is simply amazing. The continued motivation and success driven attitude will propel Smith Development & Construction Company to the top of any market.